Tokyo – Tag 1 und 2!

8 Nov

Hallo ihr Lieben, hier ein kleiner Bericht über meinen ersten Tag. Aus Zeitgründen nur auf englisch…

The frist night I slept ok. Fell asleep straight away of course and woke up several times. The worst was at 2 in the morning and I was awake for about 1,5 hours. Took a sleeping pill and managed to sleep again until about 6ish, from then on I fell asleep again and woke up a few times until I finally got up at 8.20. Felt a bit dodgy all morning, just couldn´t get my blood pressure up and got dizzy all the time – I remember that from the last jetleg though, so I hope it´ll be gone by tomorrow.

I left the hotel at about 9.30. FIrst I went to a small supermarket because I realised this morning I forgot to bring deodorant! Bought some dodgy looking deo spray, some pepsy (of course!) and a sandwich for breakfast. They had some weird lottery going on in the shop – the guy at the counter put a box on the table and made me put my hand in one hole and pull out a ticket. I won a can of beer – yippie. Btw, the only english speaking people so far are the ones at the hotel reception. Quite difficult at times but people are very friendly and so far managed to get everything I wanted.

After the supermarket I went to the train station to try and find the train I can take to Nippori – my first target for the day. Took me about 20 mins running around the whole station. At least I also found the station for this special train I have to take to the conference, that´s a bonus. After I found the station I needed a ticket. I read in the lonely planet that there is something similar to London’s oyster card here in Tokyo and it´s called suica. So I went to the ticket office and bought one – sounds easier that it was because the lady there didn’t speak english either! And I needed to know if it is valid for the train I needed to take today and also for the one for the conference! ( there are several different companies that run different train und tube lines and I  wasn´t sure which ones operate by suica!) I got a „yes“ (or rather a nod) for both questions and I hope she understood what I was asking… Shortly after that I found out that for the first train line her answer was right and I went on the train. They are roomy, clean and VERY quiet. The lonely planet wrote that the top 3 activities on a train are texting, sleeping and reading manga and that is so true!! And there is baiscally no talking or eating – in fact I haven’t seen anybody eating in public which made me a little uncomfortable as I was eating while walking. Had to, as there are no benches or anything around either.

The first train ride was short and I arrived in Nappori. There  I really wanted to go to the textile market (which isn‘ t actually a market but a street with shops) and went into a few shops. I bought quite a few nice things, the material was quite cheap. Spent about 20 Euros for 6 metres of different materials –very cool patterns!

I went back to the train-station, my next stop was Shibuya. Crazyness! It’s full, everywhere. Everybody walks in a hurry and I felt whenever I stopped I was in the way of at least 10 people. I basically just walked around and had a look at a few shops. There was one called „Shibuya 19“ which is supposed to be a hip-shoppingcenter for cool teens and young folk. It was very small on each floor but there were 8 floors. All filled with lots of tiny shops without walls- maybe something like the Kadewe in Berlin or a little similar like Kaufhof with it‘s different compartments but here the compartements were different shops. And as said it was much smaller. Every shop had real crazy stuff with lots of fur and bling. They all played very loud music and every shop a different one. And additionally to that the saleswomen were dressed by the theme of their shop (rock, pink babydoll,…) with lots of make up and kept shouting at the top of their voices something that soundes like: Matahakemaheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Importent: The long eeeeeeeeeeee at the end of it. I THINK it means something like „Who can I help?“ But I might be completely wrong.

Only bought tiny bits and bobs then in different shops, also a tiny, rather funny than useful pressies. Then I made my way back to the hotel.

Curious observations:

At literally EVERY corner is a vending machine for drinks. Japanese people must be very thirsty.

Toilets look like spaceships and don’t only have sprinklers for your „back“ and „front“, some also have a button for „flush sound“ so your neighbor can’t hear what buisness your currently up to. You can adjust volume and everything – hilarious!

Japanese people make very real looking plastic food! It´s outside of lots of different restaurants and they really make very dertailed copies!

Quite a few people wear masks – Michael Jackson style. Must be scared of germs.

Getting quite nervous about the photo shoot tomorrow – it’s gonna be very odd, and there are far more people to stare than there were in Zanzibar! Wish me luck guys, I hope everything goes well.

If I have time I´ll post again tomorrow!

Bis bald!

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