Tokyo – Tag 3!

9 Nov

Und nochmal, aus Zeitgründen nur auf englisch:

God, I am knackered! What a day!

It started with an early get up at 6.45. After talking with my husband, catching up on emails etc.  I then started the bride-transformation which took until 9 o’clock – which was the time when Flo -the photographer – was supposed to arrive. I waited and waited. And got really worried. I tried to ring her cell a few times but it was switched off.

Finally, at 12 o’clock I got a call from the reception and they were here! They (Flo and her son Kevin who was assisting) went to the wrong hotel at first, then went back to check our emails again and finally found the right address.   Pfew! I was already thinking about ringing the consulate!

We quickly put on the dress and the veil and then we were ready – Tokyo, here we come! Just handing in the keys at reception I already got some VERY surprised faces – god, what did I get myself into. We left the hotel and made our way through Shimbashi. We started around the area of the hotel, walked in a little circle and then after about 1 ½ hours went on the train. By that time we already accumulated a LOT of attention. It was hilarious, everybody either completely (pretended) to ignore us or they stared openly. After 5 mins of leaving the hotel there was a guy falling over a rubbish bin because he turned around and looked after us. His mates couldn´t stop laughing – we tried but failed. Another very funny incident: A guy looked after us as we walked by and his wife apparently wasn’t happy and started slapping him… poor dude.

Getting on the train was very funny again. I was standing near the entrance and people kept coming in, stop for a fraction of a second completely stunned and then went on as if everything was completely normal. But lots of people secretly got their mobiles out and took photos – there must be 1000s of photos of me all over Tokyo now! The train journey took half an hour and we arrived in Shibuya – which was crazily busy. We stopped at the first big crossing and took some cool pictures – until the police came up to us and asked if we had a permission. Uhhhm… no. Do we need one?? We agreed with them that we had another 5 mins and that we won’t disturb other passengers, cars etc. So we did one more set and then walked on. We took some pictures on a bridge and then different ones at another crossing – always trying not to be for too long in one place and avoiding the police. We took a few nighttime shots with swirling dress, at one point I actually had a crowd gathering around me – it was surreal. Some girls started to talk to us and one wanted a photo with me. Mostly the people around us just started giggling, some even jumped a few steps back and gasped when I came towards them at the crossing.

All in all it was quite an experience and extremely tiring. I think there are a few awesome pictures that we´ll get out of it though, so it was all worth it! Sooo tired and fllthy now, I think I will sleep like a log.  The dress is in a serious state of filth and the veil is ripped in several places – I think it´ll have to retire now.

Tomorrow it´s conference day and the serious bit of the journey starts. And not long and I will be coming home. Finally, I am lookng forward to sleeping in my own bed again!

Hope everything is well in good old Germany? Take care of yourselfs!


6 Antworten to “Tokyo – Tag 3!”

  1. Kika 9. November 2010 um 18:11 #

    Mensch Schwesterherz – bin ich neidisch!!!! 😉

    • Steff 11. November 2010 um 11:35 #

      Ha! Du wirst bestimmt auch noch die ein oder andere coole Konferenz mitnehmen, wart´s mal ab! 😉

  2. Mona 9. November 2010 um 23:41 #

    Wow, das klingt ja alles spannend 🙂
    Ich kann es kaum erwarten, die Bilder zu sehen!

    Weiterhin alles Gute und komm gut nach Hause!

    • Steff 11. November 2010 um 11:36 #

      Ich werde auch schon ganz hibbelig! Flo kommt aber erst Sonntag zurück, also muss ich mich noch ein paar Tage gedulden… Mpf. 😉

  3. Marion 10. November 2010 um 10:57 #

    Can´t wait to see the photos. Good luck for the presentation today (or in Spiderman-Slang: „Go and get them, tiger“).

    • Steff 11. November 2010 um 11:37 #

      Danke! Und: Got them! 😉 Gott sei Dank ist alles gut gegangen! BIn schon sehr erleichtert, dass ich es jetzt hinter mir habe…

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