Tokio Tag 4!

10 Nov

Konichiwa again!

Today was first conference day. I got up quite early after my first decent night of sleep. No surprise there, I was soooo tired after the shoot! I left the hotel quite early because I wasn’t sure how long my journey would be.

Luckily I found the station the other day as I told you and also my suica card worked so everything went smoothly. I took the Yurikamome train to the superficial island Odaiba in the Tokyo Bay. What a staggering train journey! I recommend that to everybody who is ever in Tokyo. Its rails through the city are very high up so you have an unique angle. Then it goes over the water and you can see skylines wherever you look. The island itself is quite young and every building looks super modern and a bit futuristic. It’s exactly how I imagined the modern/technology crazy Tokyo. The conference is being held in the conference rooms of the Miraikan Museum and I have to say that the venue and organization, food etc are a disappointment. There is self service water and coffee from dispensers during the breaks and the lunch is little and gone very fast. The people that work the organization don´t speak English, although that is the conference language. The quality of the presentations is good though and I already saw a few very interesting ones! Tomorrow it’s my turn and I’m starting to get nervous…

I left at about 16.30 and took the train back – and was extremely lucky because during my train ride the sun was setting. It was really beautiful. I really regretted that I didn´t take my camera today, but I will tomorrow and I’ll post some photos when I’m back home!

I was thinking about what I will do for dinner tonight on the way back and consulted my lonely planet. Maybe I should mention that I only just got my appetite back – the jetlag completely messed me up and I just wasn’t hungry at all the first couple of days and barely ate. Best diet ever!

Now, those of you who know me a bit, know that I hate going to restaurant etc by myself – it’s a “thing” I have. So again tonight I couldn´t bring myself to do that but found out that “Konbini” (which are convenience stores) – the very same ones that I visited daily from the first day on to stock up on drinks and the occasional snack- are (and I quote) “a way of life for many Tokyoites”. Cool! I found the way to live in Tokyo straight away just by myself. =) So I made this the target of the evening and decided to be a little more adventurous than the last days. With the recommendation of the lonely planet my dinner tonight consisted of an “Onigiri” as a main and some Japanese cake roll as dessert. These Onigiri are triangles of rice wrapped in seaweed with a dollop of some treasure inside – but if you can’t read Japanese, then you have no idea which one. Mmhh. I was standing in front of the cooling unit trying to guess which one I might like. At the end I went for  orange. A) because I like the color and B) there were only a few left and I figured if it is a popular one in might taste good.

Back at the hotel I felt very brave and tried it straight away – delicious! The secret treasure was some kind of smoked fish and it was really yummy. The cake roll was also very good so I am very proud now and will continue my food adventures tomorrow. I think I might go for the red Onigiri…

Another purchase at the shop: Kitkat. Not that exciting? Well – its flavor is cheese… Again: Mmh. Don´t feel brave enough tonight, I probably take it home with me and share the experience with my very brave husband. Also I will try and hunt for more weird flavors tomorrow, I read there is “wasabi” and “green tea flavor”…

Finally I wanted to share that I encountered the rolls royce (ha! Maybe shouldn´t say that after the A380 turbine thing…) of the toilets here. This toilet didn’t only have sprinklers for all sorts of spots, no. It had the whole flush sound thing – automatically! So when you sit down the noise starts straight away and you don’t even have to push a button.  AND: the seat was heated! I actually started laughing out loud. With the flush sound my neighbors couldn’t hear me anyway. What is it with Janpanese and their bathroom habits?? They must really enjoy their time on the loo…


2 Antworten to “Tokio Tag 4!”

  1. Denise 10. November 2010 um 14:29 #

    LUSTIG! Ich verfolge deine Beiträge unerschütterlich! Ich will auch lustige Geschmäcker testen :-)))
    Und schade, dass du kein Klo mitbringen kannst….beheizter Sitz, ich schmeiß mich weg! 😀

    • Steff 11. November 2010 um 11:38 #

      Freut mich, wenn ein paar Leute mitlesen! =) Ich hab heute ein Foto von einem Klo gemacht, vielleicht ist das ja ein adequater Ersatz? :)) Und ich heb dir ein paar Kitkats zum probieren auf. 😉

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