Letzter Tag in Tokio…

11 Nov

It is 19:30 o’clock now and my last day in Tokyo is nearly over. Tomorrow morning I will catch a taxi to a Bus Station at 5:45 am and then make my way to the airport. I feel like I only really got a tiny little glimpse of Tokyo and especially Japan, so I will definitely be back! Next time with someone else, travelling alone is only half the fun.

But now I still owe you a report about today!

My day started quite early, as the conference started earlier than yesterday. I made my way to the station and because I was earlier his time it was still rush hour. Arriving at the station I was amazed to see that people lined up where the door of the trains were about to stop. There were lines on the floor I hadn’t noticed yet and some people were lining up there. Curiously others went past them and onto the waiting train. Mmh. It took me a minute to realize why: The people that waited got in first on the next train and because it was a the start of the train line they got the seats! “Well”, I thought “I don´t need a seat”, so I went on the train. Stupid decision – because during rush hour the train gets REALLY full. Luckily he journey didn’t take too long. I was only regretting that I couldn’t really take photos as I was squeezed in.

At the conference I started getting quite nervous – my presentation was due at 11.20 am so I still had a couple of hours to get sweaty palms and fidget around. I had weak knees during the presentation but apart from that everything went smoothly – pfew! Last and most important task accomplished. =) I had a nice lunch with some german girls – it felt so good to speak german! =)

After the last talk-session I made my way back to the hotel. On the train I was able to take pictures this time and also realized  -there was no driver! Checked the lonely planet and I was right – it is completely automated and you could sit right at the front looking out on the rails. Very cool!

I browsed through a few convenience stores and bought a few things to bring home. Also some dinner, this time I went for red and purple! I ate it back at the hotel and I can’t really tell you what was inside. The first one had some kind of red relish that was pretty spicy. I think the second one had fish eggs. Tasted alright, but to be honest everything sort of tastes the same here after a while…

I decided to walk through Ginza tonight as it is my first evening and went for a stroll. It’s very close to the hotel so I was only out for about an hour. Ginza is the posh shopping part of Tokyo, so I walked past Tiffany, Prada and the likes. Also found a cool shop with Japanese souvenir nicnacs and did some shopping there. Aside from little pressies I finally found more Kitkat flavors! I have now in my collection:  “Wasabi”, “sweet potato” and “soy sauce”. I skipped the “cheese cake” one, that sounded too normal. =)

Now I will use the remainder of the evening to sort through my stuff, pack and looking forward to home! My husband just promised “Sheppard’s Pie” for dinner tomorrow – Yum!

I promise one more Tokyo-entry with photos when I am back and then I will get back to craft-stuff. =)



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