Home sweet home…

13 Nov

After exactly 20 hours of travelling I arrived home yesterday at about 5:30 pm. The journey was okay, the only really annoying thing was, that the entertainment system of the plane was screwed up after half the flight and right until the end I couldn´t watch anything or listen to any music anymore. That made the time really drag… After I got my incredibly heavy bag I made my way to the trainstation. I used one one these trollies with which you can go up and down escalators. Did you ever try one of those? Scary! But really my only option with this heavy monstrumof a bag that I was dragging with me. I only had to wait for about 15 mins for my train and arrives at cologne station within just over an hour.

It was quite a culture shock making my way to the tram stop. Walking through the full trainstation I realised how quiet the japanese actually are because suddenly I had lots of people talking and screaming around me. Weird.

Back home the best husband in the world had made me some hot soup, a yummy dessert and we shared some bubbly. *smittensigh* I talked, talked, talked. And I still do. Travelling alone I barely got the chance and really missed it! I slept 12 hours last night and feel pretty good now. Very much enjoying the comfortable normality!

I loved Tokyo though – what an incredible city. It´s so modern but at the same time so very different. I hope I will get the chance to go back and have a more thorough look at it!

But now – photos! Not very good ones and lots are being taken through dirty windows… But I hope they give you a little glimpse of Tokyo.  Will have to wait for the photo-shoot ones but when I have them I will post a few!

My ride!

The view from my hotel room at day and night:

Shopping Street in Shibuya!

Plastic Food - every Restaurant displayed what the serve this way!

Ever present Vending Machines

Aussicht aus dem Zug und auf dem weiteren Weg zur Konferenz:



Way home from the conference! Notice: No driver on the train/tram!


And tomorrow I show you cards and the likes again!


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